Magical Poetry

Magical Poetry
Micheal Ace

Sunday, 2 October 2016


So now that I've seen
The every of what a man needs to be
For his nine set of bones to fight a battalion
I have sown my prides, masteries and might
To reap when i finally become a god of words.

When i become a poet
I will learn the tricks of the manly and girly girls
I will buy the potions of love to spice my poems
And the lotions of gods to wrap-up my words
So the sexiest princess will quest to be my crush.

When i become a poet
I will scribe my verses better than Shakespeares
I will enchant my words, rhythms and rhymes
To please the audience better than his sonnets
I will soar poetically on space ships and rockets.

When i become a poet
And I voice my void-chants to awaken the deaf
I shall live to be prophet of the message of gods
And die to be god sending the prophets my words
I shall send and be sent the sendings of God.

So now that I've seen
All i shall-will do when I finally become a poet
I shall go to father napping on the poe-tree
And shall beckon on his wisdom and sane-pen
For them to give me the knowledge of poetry.

Micheal Ace

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